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What types of products are available in direct sales?

Anything that you want! There are companies that sell candles, chocolates, tea, coffee, other food stuffs, kitchen supplies, scrapbooking supplies, health, and home décor, really anything. Some products may be a little bit harder to find but chances are you know of a company that sells the product you want. If not, a little bit of searching and you will find it.

Why do people join direct sales?

People join direct sales for a variety of different reasons and the reason you choose to join is likely going to be unique to you.  But there is no right or wrong reason for a person to join.

Extra income – This is a popular reason why people join direct sales as you make money when you sell a product.

Loves of the product – Some people join because they fell in love with a product when they experienced it and they want to share it with others.

Personal discount – There are those that purchase quite a bit of product so they sign up so that they can buy it cheaper.

Socializing – For those that work at home, or are a stay at home parent, sometimes they desire a way to get out and talk to other adults.  This can be a great way to do that and make some money at the same time.

Fun – Along with socializing, some people do direct sales for the fun that comes with it.  Any product can be made fun just in the way it is presented.  I know people who say that cleaning is fun because of their products!

Self Esteem – There are some people that get involved with direct sales in order to build their self esteem.  Likely somewhere along the way someone has said they cannot do it when they expressed an interest, so they sign up to spite them.

Brand Recognition – A big benefit to direct sales is that people already know the product, so you are not starting from the beginning.

Did you sign up for direct sales for another reason or are you considering signing up for a different reason?  Let me know and I’ll include it in a future post!

Direct Sales Terminology

When a person starts in Direct Sales, some of the verbiage used by those already in the company can be very confusing.  Hopefully this will clear up any confusion you may have and help you to hold your own in any conversations you get into.

Downline – Anyone you have recruited to join the company.  Your first line is the ones you sponsored directly, and your second/third/fourth/etc line is the recruits that your recruit has brought in.  Each line will potentially earn you commission, depending on your company’s setup.

Upline – Whoever has sponsored you into the company you have joined.  Some people like to think of their upline in relation to family trees. I.e. Your sponsor is your “mom”, her sponsor is your “grandma”, etc.

Back office – You need a login/password to access your companies website.  This is where you put in your orders, check your monthly sales and access any training documents available.  Many companies use this area to communicate with those that sell so it is important you check this on a regular basis.

Hostess Program – This is what the hostess gets for hosting a party and getting sales.  It can be a percentage of sales, highly discounted items, extra sales credit, or any combination.  Sometimes a consultant will offer their own incentives for various reasons.

Hostess Package – Information you give to your hostess before her party to help her to prepare and maximize the sales.  It can be mailed or it can be handed to her at the party she books off of.  Typically it includes items such as a catalogue, order forms, business cards, a guest list (or ideas to brainstorm a guest list), monthly specials and any other items you think will help with having a successful party.

Hostess Coaching – Correspondence between you and the hostess, getting her ready for her party and assisting her to have the best party experience as possible.  Some hostesses will require more assistance than others depending on how much experience they have in hosting parties.

Merchant Account – This is an account to process credit cards.  Some companies require you get one on your own in order to do business, and others provide it for the consultants to use.

CVV Code – Three digit code on the back of the credit card.

Are there other terms you don’t know or what to share with others?  Put them in the comments!

Can I sign up only for personal use?

Absolutely! Just make sure that your upline knows that you are just in it for the discount as this can make a difference how they train you. For instance, if they make it a point to call all their team-mates every month, they may choose not to call you that often as you are not doing parties. If your plans ever change, make sure you update them on that too.