What does doing a fundraiser entail?

1)      Getting the fundraiser – You may have to find one or it may find you

2)      Presenting it – Depending on the organization, you may have to do a presentation to their board or decision makers about your fundraiser

3)      Getting materials – You will need to bring in enough materials for the amount of people that they expect to participate

4)      Collect Orders – Pick up the orders from the fundraising committee

5)      Balance Orders – Make sure your numbers match their numbers.  You will want to collect the funds at this point to pay for the order.  They would keep the remainder.

6)      Input Orders – Input orders into the system and get them organized

7)      Receive Orders – Depending on how large the order is, you will either need to receive it at your place or make alternate arrangements

8)      Sort Orders – This is pretty self explanatory.  If it is a large order, have some helpers to assist.  You can also leave this task completely up to the organization, but you may want to include marketing material or re-order labels.

9)      Deliver – If the product is not with the organization, deliver it to them.

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