How to Create your Own Fundraiser

What a great thing you are doing, I’m sure the organizations you help out will appreciate it!

There are a couple different ways that you can approach this.

1)      Have a Party, Give Commission – The first option is for the organization to basically have a party, and you donate a portion of your commission.  If you make 25%, you might want to offer 20% commission.  If your commission goes up with sales, then you could offer them a bit more as their sales go up.  You want to make sure you get paid as well, so unless the cause is near and dear to your heart, I do not recommend giving it all away.  The other great benefit to this is that you can put some of their items in the host rewards which will increase their proceeds.

2)     Limited Party – If it is a big group that is doing the fundraiser, to make your life and theirs easier, I would recommend that you give them a limited amount of products to sell.  If you can choose 10 or 15 best sellers, offer them those only.  Handle the commissions and hostess credit as noted above.

One of the best things you can do is having the organization add up all their orders, and then you double check them.  Make sure that your numbers agree so that you make sure that you are ordering the correct product.

Make sure you give them a time limit for the fundraiser or you may find that it will go on and on.

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