Stack the Hostess Booking Game

This is a great way to show people how much they can earn when they host their own party.

It is best to make some cue cards to assist you, which will make sense as you do this.

Ask your hostess to stand and put her arms out.  You may prefer to have a guest stand instead.

Go through the hostess benefits, and put the items in the hostess’s arms.

Demonstrate starting with the average party sales.

Here is a script to help you:

“Hi Jane, thanks for coming up to help me.  I want to show you how much you are going to earn from your party tonight

First of all, Jane got a free gift just for hosting this party.  Her free gift is X.  (put this in her arm).  Thanks for inviting me into your home.

My average party is $500.  That gets you 10% of your sales in free product, so that’s $50.  (put 50 dollars worth of product in her arms)

Now, when you hit $500, you are also going to get 2 items at 50%.  This can be the highest priced items if you want.   (put 2 more items in her arm)”

And go from here.  Customize the script for your business and the benefits.

If you have a hard time remembering all the benefits, or pricing, you can write up a little cue card to remind you.

It may also be helpful to ask a guest to read the hostess benefits to involve them and get them thinking a bit more.  So you might say

“Debbie, would you mind assisting me?  You can just stay there, but I want you to read something for me.

Do you see on this chart where it says $500?  That’s what a person gets when they have a party that is $500 with me, and that is my party average.

How much free product does it say you get?  $50?  Wow.. that’s quite a bit.  Lets see.. Jane.. here is $50 worth of product, you get it for FREE! “

And go from there.  Debbie may need help reading the chart, if so, help her out.

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