Tupperware, Avon and More: 4 Questions to Ask About Direct Sales

When you’re 30 years old and bankrupt, a mom to two small children and living with your in-laws because the bank took your house, you need to take matters into your own hands – fast. For Ellen Lewis, beating the recession meant reaching for Tupperware.

Lewis admits she was hesitant at first to work with the 60-year old direct selling company. “I’m younger,” she tells me. “I really didn’t feel like I could make money in Tupperware. It’s one of those things you hear people talking about, but I thought the market was surely saturated.”

She and her husband, residents of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, had declared bankruptcy in late 2007 after their coffee shop went under. “Am I really going to be a Tupperware lady?” Lewis asked herself. If she couldn’t sell lattes, would plastic pie containers be any easier? But time was of the essence. “We needed to make up a lot of money fast,” she says. So rather than waiting to get hired elsewhere, she invested an initial $100 or so in Tupperware products and signed on as a Tupperware ‘consultant.’

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