Some booking Ideas

This is a list I found online, there is no author attributed to it.

  1. Don’t have a party this evening? Down in the dumps? Get off your hump and make some phone calls! Keep calling friends, relatives, and acquaintances until you are   successful at getting a scheduled party, business interest, or a referral
  2. Grab the Friday newspaper. It always has a list of what’s going on for the weekend. Pick an event or two to attend and bring your business cards to network with.
  3. Find other party plan reps and trade parties! Have them to host one of your parties while you return the favor and host one of theirs! (i.e. Tastefully Simple, Mary Kay, etc.)
  4. Go get your nails done and whoever does your nails, hair, feet, facials whatever say “You look SO familiar have you been to one of my parties before?” they can’t help but ask what party and voila it opens a door to advertise to strangers.
  5. As you are out shopping pick up your phone act like you are talking to a hostess and act like you are telling her how much you enjoyed her party and how much FREE items she has to choose from.. (works great for Recruiting as well). Make sure your phone is really off.
  6. Consistently offer a referral discount for parties referred to you. Mention this at your parties, and mention this when you hand out your card. I offer 25% off your next order if you refer a party to
  7. You need to let everyone within 5 feet know what you do. That is called the “Five Foot Rule.” The mailman, the nail girl, the hairdresser, the bank teller, your doctor, your doctor’s office receptionist, the grocery store clerk, the ups guy, the meter reader guy, the PTA moms, your choir friends, your neighbors, your friends,
    your relatives, your past friends, your co-workers, your past co-workers, your old high school friends, you get the idea!!!
  8. When performing every day activities you need to spread the word. If you buy a lipstick at the MAC counter at Macy’s, you should hand the clerk your charge card anda business card. When you are done dining at a restaurant you should leave the waitress and the hostess your business card. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you do.
  9. Trade shows. You can get a booth at your local mall when they have events. Call your favorite mall and ask them which companies do this.
  10. Tell phone solicitors what you do. Mail your business card in with the monthly utility bills. Tell your letter carrier and your UPS guy w hat you do.

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