How do I use Facebook to promote my business?

These days a lot of people have a Facebook page and businesses are also jumping on the bandwagon and either making a page or a fanpage for their business.  If you want to focus on promoting your business on Facebook, there are a few different things that you can do.

Personal Profile – I have seen a few people that have made their personal profile their business page, so the name might be Jane Doe, Independent Consultant, YZA Company.  Technically, you should be creating a fanpage so be aware that Facebook may end up deleting your account or reclassifying it.  Otherwise, you would just use your personal page and post about your business there.  Be careful as to how much you post as if you are only posting about your business, people may get tired of you and quit following you or put you on ignore.

Fanpage – A fanpage is a separate page that you create but it can or cannot be tied to your personal account depending on the email you use to set it up.   The great thing about a fan page is that people have to opt-in to view it, so you know they at least have some interest in your business.  You can also talk exclusively about your business here, as people know it’s a business page when they opt-in.

Regardless of which method you use, make sure to fill out your profile with your website, your contact information and other things you want people to know.  This may be how long you have been with the company, what your title is or maybe your favourite product.

To find out more about how to use Facebook for your business, there are some other resources I highly recommend as I am definitely not an expert on this.

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