Deal or No Deal Game

Once you are finished with the Party presentation, pass out lapboards and catalogs. In each pocket of the lapboard have an envelope labeled Deal or No Deal.

“In your catalog you have an envelope. In each envelope is an actual product from the catalog ranging from $7 to $15. In a few minutes the Host is going to walk around the room and she is going to say ‘Deal or No Deal.’ If you are interested in hosting a home Party you will say deal and then you win whatever is inside your envelope! If you are not interested you just say, ‘No Deal’ and you will give the envelope back to the Host.”

In the envelopes, you have cards with different items from your catalogue. Sue decides to take an envelope and host a party. Order the item for Sue when you place the party order for the original host so you can give it to Sue at her party. It is worth it if you are walking away with a booking…and that booking could lead to another booking, a possible recruit, etc!

This game is great because it takes the pressure off of you! The Host is doing the work for you! Anyone that is possibly on the fence about hosting, but knows that she will get an extra item will be more likely to book!

• You will receive the product at the time of your party.
• Party must be scheduled from one of the available dates and hold on that date.

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