Should I offer free shipping or free product?

It is your decision, but I always recommend giving free product instead of free shipping, and here is why.

Suppose shipping costs $5 and your discount is 25% on product.

Shipping costs you 100% of the cost

The product only costs you 75% – $3.75 on a $5 product

Already the free product is saving you $1.25 per order

Not only that, but by giving away a product instead of the shipping, you will increase your personal sales and your team sales.

Increasing these numbers may help you to earn more commissions or help to earn different incentives your company offers.

You may be thinking to yourself, big deal on one customer.  But for a busy consultant that sees 7 customers a party, and does 8 parties a month, that is 56 customers in a month.

Shipping = $280 x 12 = 3,360 out of pocket

Free Product = $210 Cost, but counts as $280 x 12 months = $3,360 (your cost $2,520)

Which seems better to you?

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