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We all know that to keep your business going, you need to do parties or make sales somehow.  But if you find your calendar is not as full as you want it, there are different things that you can do to advertise your business and book up that calendar.  I will be discussing free and paid methods this week.

Classifieds – There are many different classified sites out there that will allow you to post your advertisement for free.  They may have rules about what you can and cannot post or how often.  You should check their terms of service first to make sure your ads do not get pulled for something you did wrong.  Do not forget to include pictures if possible; they tend to get you more attention.  If you are not sure about where to find free advertising, try going to your favourite search engine and typing “free classifieds yourcity” and see what comes up.

Forums – Many forums allow you to have a signature on your profile.  Use it to your advantage.   It is best to get involved with the forum first though, as some require you to post a certain amount of times before you can have a signature.  You may also be allowed to put up ads for no cost.  Check the rules.

Blog – You may choose to create a blog to help promote yourself.  There is no end of possibilities as to the types of topics you can choose to write about.  You can find free blogs in a variety of places but Blogger and tend to be the more popular places.

Social Media – if you do not already have an account on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites, you could be missing out.  You can use these to promote specials, to promote the product and to find bookings.  I know I have personally had people find me on Facebook who have booked parties and joined my team.

Do you have a favourite way to get free advertising on the Internet?

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2 thoughts on “Free Online Advertising

  1. Miranda Grimm

    I have just learned the value of directories. There are so many! I have been spending a little time each week adding myself to new ones. I’m doing it more for backlinks than anything though…seems like all the effort I make to creating backlinks goes unnoticed by Google. I guess I need to learn more about it and figure what I may be doing wrong.

  2. Bailey

    I would think writing posts for blogs with similar themes would also be another way to generate traffic. People who frequent direct sales companies often shop more than one “brand” and it would be a way to introduce yourself to other shoppers.

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