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Hostess Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe.

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This is a great little game to encourage your hostess to do a little bit more before you arrive for her party.

You want to create a tic tac toe board and each square is going to have a different activity for them to do. At the top, you list what they will get if they get a line on the board. You may also want to offer something extra for each line and if they complete all the items on the board. This would be on top of the normal hostess credit. Indicate on the form what they are going to receive.

Ideas to fill your tic-tac-toe board

  • Have 3 outside orders
  • Have someone who wants to book a party before I arrive
  • Have someone who asks about the business
  • Party starts on time
  • Have 7 people attending
  • Someone shares a testimonial at the party
  • Party sales are over $X
  • Receive $100 in outside orders
  • Have 2 of Y product purchased
  • Sending out an invite on Facebook/sending out an Evite

Essentially, you can add anything to this that you want your hostesses to do. If you find that they are always missing certain steps, then add it onto this checklist.

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  1. Reply Intimate Whispers - All Things Adult 12/03/18

    A great way to get your hostess working towards the goals for her party success. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Reply Angie 11/04/15

    I have heard of this one before. I don’t recall actually playing it as a hostess, though.

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  3. Reply Bailey 11/04/14

    You are starting an amazing training manual (blog) here.
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