Increase Sales by Explaining More Uses for the same Product

Another method to increase your sales is to change up your presentation a little bit. Depending on your presentation method, you may be focusing more on showing products than really talking about them and their advantages. But if you focus more on a few of your best products, instead of on all your products, you may find your sales increase. This is because people get overwhelmed with options and they just want you to help them make their decision.

For instance:

Widget Presentation 1 – This widget is a great item to add to your house as it looks pretty and will fill that blank spot.

Widget Presentation 2 – This widget is great to fill in that spot that you know needs something but you cannot decide what. If you feel a need to change things up after a while, you can then take the widget, lay it flat, and it becomes a floor mat. Another option with the widget is that you can purchase a stand or a frame if you prefer, and with proper mounting and hanging, it could become a lovely wall hanging. I bet with a bit of thought, you could even come up with more uses. (Poll the audience; offer a prize for most creative use).

Which presentation is likely to cause you to buy the product? While it will not cause everyone to buy this product, those that are on the fence will likely be swayed when you show them what all it can be used for.

Do not do this for 10 products as people will quickly get tired of you and will quit listening. This is best to use with a top 3 format or to feature one or two items.

3 thoughts on “Increase Sales by Explaining More Uses for the same Product

  1. Brenda Marie

    This is something that I honestly hadn’t thought of doing. Thanks for the great tip!

  2. Angie

    I do love the “outside of the box” thinking. Then there is no concern if I and four other people there buy it. We will likely all use it differently.

  3. Bailey

    Teaching people how to use your product is key. If you can teach them why it will make their life easier, the product is easier to sell.

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