Increase your Sales with some Simple Ideas

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Chances are, no matter what the sales are like at your parties, you would like to increase them. This week I am going to focus on a variety of things that you can try to accomplish this. There is no guarantee that these will work but it does not hurt to try something a few times to see what happens with it.

Simple Techniques to try:

Raffle Squares – Create a grid and sell the squares. You can decide on the size of the grid based on how many people are attending or some other method. You won’t want to have 50 squares if only 4 people are attending the party. Sell each square for $1, $2, $5 or any combination, or offer a deal if they purchase 3 so you could do 1 for $2 or 3 for $5. Sell the squares before the party and remind people of their existence throughout. The trick to make this work is to not pick a winner until after people have ordered, and they get the winnings ON TOP of their order – not to discount what they already ordered. Rolling a dice may be the best way to determine a winner – label the top of the grid 1 to 6, and the side 1 to 6, and roll until you have a winner.

Packages – Another easy method to increase orders is to offer packages for your customers. Sometimes they get overwhelmed by all the choices and decide not to buy anything instead of trying to make a decision. For this reason, make it easy for them. Put three popular items together and put a price on it. Some people recommend discounting, some don’t, so you decide. Create a few of these items, make a pretty flyer, and give it to them to look through while they have a book. If there are a lot of decisions within that group (ie. 1 popular candle size, but 50 scents to choose from) make the decision easier with a listing of the top 3 or top 5 scents/colours.

Incentive – Offer the customer something with their purchase. It may be a special item that is not in your catalogue, it may be a discount or it may be a free product. I always recommend something in your catalogue as it helps to increase personal sales levels. Set this offer just above your average order amount. For instance, if your average customer spends $35 (before shipping and taxes), offer them something if they spend $45 dollars. While it may cost you a bit, you should easily make it up with your sales, and it may raise you from one level to the next in personal sales making you extra money.

Do you do something other than these techniques that get you get results? Please share and I will integrate them all into another post! 🙂

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