Increase your sales with Cue Cards

Cue Cards

You might be scratching your head at this headline but once I am done explaining, this will make sense, I promise you.

Do you ever go to do a presentation and you forget to talk about a product, forget a feature or just got so flustered you rushed through everything and did not do a good job?  Using cue cards will help you with this as they will keep you on track and remember what you wanted to say.

While you may think that cue cards do not look professional, there is nothing wrong with using them.  Think about some of the top speakers you may have seen or heard.  Chances are they were using cue cards during their presentation, and this is their full time job – making these speeches.  You can always explain to the people attending your party that you are using cue cards for their benefit; so you do not forget anything that they need to know.

Cue cards are great because you can put your key points on it to help you with your presentation.  Remember a cue card is not to write every single word on – it is designed to give you reminders.

Widget 1:

  • Features – 5 colours, 2 sizes, $11.95 and $15.95
  • Can be flipped in any direction
  • Machine washable
  • Great gift for person with everything
  • Get 1 free with purchase over $50
  • Story:  Jane and her widget

Make as many of them as you need and it wouldn’t hurt to put numbers on them to remember what order you want to present in.  You may also want to make one to remind you to do certain things like thank the hostess, go over benefits or discuss the opportunity.

Have you tried cue cards with your direct sales business?  How did they work for you?

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  2. Leanne Chesser

    I most definitely used/use cue cards. They’re a huge help and there’s nothing wrong or unprofessional about them. I agree that they benefit everyone and are therefore more professional.

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