Not sure how to set up your display table?

Of course, how you set up your table is up to you, but here are some ideas.

Keep it simple – This means limiting how much product you put out and how much paperwork you put out.  This is definitely something that I struggle with but am working on.  Check out other booths for ideas if you are not sure or ask some of the vendors to offer suggestions.

Create Levels – I mentioned this in a previous post, but use whatever you can to create levels and interest to your display.  I use the boxes my products come in, but you can use a variety of things.  Totes can work well or anything else you may be bringing with already.  Don’t over think it too much.   Levels do not have to be drastic either, just enough to create interest and some height.

Space – Leave space on the table.  Some of the best tables only have a few products on them.  Its like when you write something, they always say you should leave white space.   Apply this concept to your table.

Get Attention – You want people to come to your table.  Give them a reason to stop by – have some candy for people to take, or if you are displaying edible products, have a sample for them to taste.  You could put up some balloons which you might give away to the kids who come by or use them for a booking game.

Information Station – Have a spot with information for those that stop by and keep it tidy.  This is going to be where you keep your draw slips, business cards, and whatever other paperwork you bring with you.

Fabric – Another method to add some interest to your table is to use different fabrics to add some visual interest.  You might drape it around some items, or create an area to highlight certain products.

Basket – Depending on your resources and what you have, you may prefer to use a basket to display and highlight items.  If your basket does not look too appealing, decorate it with some fabric, ribbons or anything else you may have to make it look better.

Is there anything you have tried on your display to make it stand out or that you have seen others do?  Please share!

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