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Hostess Gifts

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Most people that I know give out some sort of gift to their hostess for having a party.  What you choose to give is totally up to you, but I have a few suggestions for what you may want to do or not do.

I always suggest to my team to give something that is a current item in our catalogue.  This way they can tell everyone how wonderful it is and encourage them to purchase it.

If I am running a special where I am trying to increase bookings, then I may offer a larger version of my usual gift or I may offer extra credit to my hostess.

Some companies offer special items that are not available in the catalogue and that the consultant can buy at a great price to give away.  These could be test products; products discontinued a while back, a variety of things.  Be cautious using these as giveaways at a party as someone may fall in love with an item, recommend it to everyone, and then you disappoint them when you cannot get them

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News: Party on! Tupperware still going strong after 65 years


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Five years ago, Monica Luke quit her civil service job at U.S. Northern Command to sell Tupperware.

“It’s my full-time job,” the Colorado Springs woman says — a job that lets her be her own boss, set her own hours and make as little or as much money as she wants, she adds. She holds home parties — the traditional way to spread the word about and sell Tupperware — two to four times a week. She’s made about $50,000 in her top year.

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Help with Setting Direct Sales Goals

Chances are you have some sort of goals with your direct sales business or you wouldn’t be in business.  Whether it is to pay off a bill each month with your income or to be able to quit your day job, you want to accomplish your goals.  But knowing where to start and what to do to accomplish your goals can be overwhelming to the point that you give up instead of even trying.

Fear not!  I have a solution for you!

Cynthia Kersey – The Successful Woman

I followed this book a few years ago with a group I was in to achieve our goals.  It goes through 30 days with you and helps you break down the steps that are involved with making your goals.  She also recommends that you have a goal buddy who you touch base with once a day and discuss what you accomplished and what you did not accomplish.