Increasing your Sales

Upselling is a great way to increase the total sales at a direct sales party, but there are also some other methods that you can use to increase sales.  Here are a few ideas and how to implement them.  See which one feels comfortable to you – it may vary depending on the party as well so be familiar with all the options.

“Did you see our specials?” – Do you have a customer special going on that the customer qualifies for?  Quite often people get caught up in making sure that they ordered the things they wanted, they forget to look for the specials.  Point them out so that they are not forgotten about.

“Is that everything?” – Another great way to get the total of the order to be higher is to ask them “is that everything?”  Quite often they will say something like, “well, I was thinking of getting this, what do you think of it?” or they will just add it to their order.

Your Own Specials – Do you offer your own specials?  Maybe you have a deal where they spend X amount of dollars and they get an item at half off.  Point out to them that if they spend just $5 more they will qualify to get the item of their choice (or of your choice if you have created a special).  Quite often, people will spend the extra money to get the incentive.  You could also entice them with a free gift once they spend Y dollars.

Another good method to increase sales is to accept credit cards.  When people can charge their purchases, they do not think about how much they are spending.  Customers who pay cash or cheque tend to be watching their money a bit closer and will stick to what they planned to spend.

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  1. ella

    Great post, increasing communication with your customers is definitely the way to go, the more you know about them the more you can cater to their needs and the more they will buy from you.

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