Direct Sales Online Vendor Events – Part 2

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Prepare – One of the best things you can do is to type out your presentation beforehand including any specials you have going on or links to your website. Then you can just cut and paste when it’s your turn.  Just like a presentation in real life, it can be easy to forget something if you do it on the fly.

Moderators – Will there be moderators present?  While you may not think they are needed, your chat room may get spammers in them who will not quit posting or you may have someone who is in there just to cause trouble or put down a product.  It is important that the moderators are actually attending and watching the chat, as if you have to message them to deal with the situation, it can get out of hand before they arrive.

Incentives – What reason is there for people to attend this event?  People are busy and an online event will take up more of their time than an in person event.  Many people are in and out of an in person event in half an hour and they have seen any vendors they are interested in within that time.  Even if the event itself is not offering one, you may want to offer one yourself to try and get people to attend during your presentation.

Back Up – What happens if the servers go down before the event or in the middle of it?  Is there somewhere else that everyone can congregate?  You can find a variety of chat rooms – some are free and some are paid.  The differences are likely to be features available within the chat room.

Updates – How quickly is the schedule being updated with new vendors?  This is especially important as the event fills up or gets closer as without the site updated, the organizers are being contacted regarding spots that are already taken.

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