Direct Sales Online Vendor Events – Part 3

Rules and Guidelines – Are there rules that the vendors need to follow during the chat?  Just like an in person event, the organizers may require that you show up 10 minutes before your chat spot and that you have to check in with the organizer.  Maybe they require you to attend an orientation chat so that you can familiarize yourself with the chat room and features before the event.

Costs – Just like any vendor event, you are going to want to know the cost.  What you are willing to pay is up to you.  Remember that online events can be more difficult to get people to and to purchase from as they cannot experience the product so keep that in mind.

Amount of Vendors – Another consideration before joining an online vendor event is how many vendors are allowed and what type of variety they come in.  For instance, if the event has 8 vendors and three of them are jewellery vendors, it may be tough to get a lot of customers to attend unless they are looking for jewellery.  If the event is over a few days, it may be a good idea to limit how many per company or type or product or both.

Website – Along with the type of chat room you are in, it’s important to consider how the website hosting looks.  If the website looks spammy or like it was thrown up in five minutes, people may wonder how reputable the event is and avoid it.  But if it looks professional and attractive, people are more likely to check it out and trust the vendors.

Orientation Chat – Do the organizers require you to attend a chat to get familiar with the room and features before the event, especially if it is your first one with them?  This can be very helpful so that you are not trying to figure things out in the middle of your presentation and wasting precious time.

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