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Pinterest allows you to pin images and photos (that you had gathered from the web or have shot) on its ‘pinboard’. The pinboard resembles a mood or inspirational board and the photos pinned on it can be shared with friends.

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Social media websites provide great opportunity to the marketers to promote and position their products and services and gain wide fan following. Pinterest is a new platform and therefore the marketers are still searching for ways to exploit it fully. Some have been creative and have managed to gain recognition. A list of 5 most successful and innovative campaigns that ran on Pinterest are given below.

1. Kotex women inspiration day

An advertising agency from Israel by the name Smoyz has been able to run a very creative advertising campaign on Pinterest. The Kotex Pinterest campaign searched and found 50 inspiring women through their accounts on Pinterest and Facebook. These women were sent virtual gifts by the company. Those women who ‘pinned’ the received virtual gift on Pinterest received a real gift. The gift was based on what was pinned by her on the pinboard.

All women posted something about the gifts on Pinterest and other social media platforms. The advertising campaign created a buzz on all popular social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, twitter and Pinterest.

694853 total impressions were received by the advertisement campaign. The total number of interaction was 2284 and 50 kotex kits were sent. The figures depict the success of the campaign.

2. Guess’s Color Me inspired Pinterest campaign

The well known fashion brand Guess provided an opportunity to all its fan to win a pair of denims (color coasted) from the spring collection of Guess. The participants were to create boards which were to be based on the four spring colors including ‘Hot House Orange’, ‘Noir Teat’, ‘New Plum’ Light’ and ‘Red Hot Overdue’. The company is likely to run more contests on its ‘pinboard’ on Pinterest in future.

3. British Midland International’s Pinterest Lottery

British Midland International ran their first lottery campaign on Pinterest by the name bmipinterstlottery. The participants of the campaign had to pin 6 images from different travel destinations so that they can be shared with friends. All the photos were given numbers from 1 to 63. BMI chose a number at random each week and the participant who had re-pinned the image with the number was given the return tickets of any BMI destination of his/her choice.

4. Peugot’s Panama Puzzle

The Panama unit of the French car maker Peugot ran a Pinterest contest which required the participants to complete a Pinterest puzzle. After creating the brand specific boards, the fans had to go to the website or the Facebook page of Peugot to get the missing boards in order to complete the puzzle. Prizes were given to the first five participants who completed the puzzle.

5. Honda’s Pintermission

A brilliant add campaign was run on Pinterest by the world famous car manufacturer Honda. The five most active ‘Pinners’ got $500 and a twitter mention by Honda. One of the winners got an opportunity to travel to Hawaii while one other went to London. Honda must have been able to increase its brand following by this very successful advertising campaign.

Pinterest is more popular among females as of now and therefore any advertisement campaign that focuses more in women participation is likely to succeed. By innovating exciting contests and by devising new ways to reach wider audience, the company’s can exploit the marketing potential of Pinterest to a greater extent.

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