Time Management in Direct Sales

One of the biggest things that people in direct sales can have a problem with is time management.  Whether the consultant is a stay at home or one that works outside the home, it can be tough to organize your time and get everything done.  But there are some things that you can do to try and keep on schedule and finish your tasks.

To Do Lists

To do lists can be a great method to keep on track and to accomplish those things that need to get done.  You can create a daily to do list, a weekly list or a monthly list.  I prefer to create a monthly list and then pull things off of it to do on a daily basis.  The great thing about a monthly lilt is that you can use it each month.  The list can be just those items that are related to your business or they can be everything in your life.  It is up to you.


Another way to manage your time that can be helpful is to set up a schedule.  It may be in hour blocks during the day or you might want to use smaller blocks.  Whatever you find is the most helpful.  I always create my schedules in half hour blocks as it is enough time to accomplish something but not enough that you get tired of it and hate it.  This is especially true for dreaded tasks like phone calls.  You can get through several in half an hour and feel that you have accomplished something.

Small but Helpful Ideas

  • Create reminds on your cell phone if you tend to carry it with you
  • Turn off your email, Facebook, Internet
  • Close the door to wherever you work if possible
  • Ask family members to leave you alone while you work
  • Get rid of any other distractions – television, radio

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