Social Media Marketing and Direct Selling: 3 Fast Ways to the Young Consumer’s Heart

Young consumers, especially those that are in college, are pros when it comes to using social media. Maybe that’s why so many marketing experts struggle with attracting these young shoppers online—it’s their turf and they’re unfazed by more traditional marketing techniques such as an excessive amount of promotional-sounding statues or tweets.  It may be a little harder to “woo” them if you will, but it is most certainly possible.  To learn a few easy ways that you can build up your “young” client list, try some of these tips below.

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Be Transparent

The younger generation really appreciates transparency—they don’t want to feel like they’re getting duped or feel like someone is trying to run a scam on them. If you’re upfront and honest about what your mission is (i.e. what you’re selling) then your Facebook business page will most likely get more “likes.” *Notice how we said Facebook business page. You should not promote your products on your personal page. That’s a huge no-no. Keep the entities separate.

It’s also important to mention that transparency on a business page will help you get rid of people that have no interest in buying your products—you don’t want to waste your time with disinterested people anyway.  While transparency is appreciated, that doesn’t mean that you should sound like a walking pitch, which leads us to our next tip—

Build Relationships

Young consumers aren’t really keen on “bots”—businesses that just sound too promotional and write statues and updates that exclusively sound like a salesman robot. It’s ok to sound like a real human being and try to encourage threads and conversations by posting statuses that are a little less formal. You can even try to insert some humor when appropriate—young consumers like funny statuses a lot. Just like in the off-line world, building relationships with clients is key. So sounding a bit more personable and striking up a conversation with a potential buyer can be super beneficial.

Offer Incentives

While typically direct sellers are the ones who receive incentives if they meet certain goals, you can also offer your young consumers “incentives” as well. Research shows that young consumers are more willing to follow someone on Twitter for example if they see that there is something in it for them. While you may not have the authority to offer coupons or discounts for adding you on Twitter, you can get a little creative and have “contests”—like the 100th person to re-tweet you can win a free sample for example— or you can offer some exclusive “tips” on how to use the product you’re selling.

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