Having a Successful Direct Sales Event

When you are looking for a hostess to have a direct sales event, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.  These include her motivation, a place to host her direct sales event and a time that works best.

One of these is what motivated her to host a party:

1)  The ability to earn free product in exchange for inviting her friends over to see/experience your products

2)  To help and support you with building your business

By understanding why she is having a party you are able to help motivate her to have a successful event.

Finding a suitable place to host an event can make a difference in the success.  That said, there are many places that can work out quite well.  Quite often we host in someone’s home but you can also have the party in an office, a community hall, the park or even the stands at a child’s sporting event.

Depending on your schedule as well as your hosts will determine the time that is best.  If your direct sales business is your full time job, it likely will be easier for you to find a time that works.  But keep in mind some unconventional ideas for when to hold a direct sales event such as:

1)  Lunch Time – Keep it short and simple

2)  After Work – Head to the local watering hole for a short demonstration and ordering

3)  Breakfast – For a group of work at homes, why not have everyone over and have breakfast?

Depending on your company and their incentives, it may be worth it to add something extra. For instance, adding extra for having a certain amount of attendees or for having outside orders for you when you arrive can give your hostess the extra push to be successful.  Do not forget to give something for any bookings that you receive or anyone who signs up with you at the party.

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