Should You Badmouth Your Competitors?

There are times when you are at a home party or an event and someone comes up to you and asks why they should purchase your product instead of your competitors.  It can be very tempting to say that the competitor’s product is inferior or bad quality, but I suggest you take the higher road and handle it differently.

Focus on Your Product – Instead of saying that their product is not as well constructed, why not point out how your product has met certain manufacturer’s standards and has been approved by whatever commission may govern your industry?  If it is a food product, maybe some products have been declared kosher – this may be a benefit to someone so point it out.  Maybe your company has been ISO approved; make sure your customer knows that.

Features – Another option is to focus on the features your product has.  Don’t say that the product that  X sells does not have this certain feature but say, our Y product has this feature which no other product on the market has.  This feature is great for this and that reason.

Sometimes you might be asked point blank if you find that the other company is competition and how do you handle that.  For me and my candle business, I state that I do not find the other company competition because of this and that reason.  I am not telling a lie; I have found the points that I feel my company excels at and focus on those.

If you only focus on the negatives (why the other company is bad) you will look bad to potential customers and that word will get around.  Also, your potential customer still does not know why they should deal with you instead of with the other person.  But by pointing out the good, they know the benefits of your product and will want to deal with you.

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One thought on “Should You Badmouth Your Competitors?

  1. Chrystal

    I think stating your opinion is one thing. Like saying a product didn’t work for you. Doesnt make it bad. Things dont work out the same for everyone. But you should never bash or say bad things because it only looks bad on your character.

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