Creating a FAQ

Do you have a lot of ads posted or find you are getting a lot of inquiries about joining your direct sales team?  Get tired of answering them and feeling like you just keep repeating the same things?  I highly recommend creating a FAQ document that you can use at in person events and through email.  

I had created mine within a year of being in business as I was heavy into recruiting and this answered a lot of questions without me having to repeat myself.  I always encouraged people to ask me more in depth questions but this usually was enough to satisfy them in the thinking process and also to bring up items they may not have thought of.

Topics I included:

  1. How long shipping took to me and one other place in the country that I knew of
  2. Cost of shipping
  3. Where products were made
  4. Level that commission started at and went up to
  5. Quotas
  6. Do you have to recruit?
  7. How credit cards would be processed
  8. Local taxes
  9. Income tax

What you choose to put into your FAQ is up to you.  Look through emails you have had from prospective demonstrators and see what questions are common.  Think back to the questions you asked when you joined as well as those asked by those on your team.  If your company has a Facebook page or there is a page full of consultants, see if any of the frequently asked questions could go into your document.

You also want to keep this short.  One or two pages at the most in a question and paragraph format, preferably a shorter paragraph under 100 words or so.  If you cannot do it that short, maybe it is a question to deal with when talking or you could ask someone else to help you shorten it.

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