Taking Orders Outside of a Party

I have several ads out on various websites to hopefully drum up my business.  These are free ones so if they are do not perform, it is no big deal.  But that, it is always interesting when I get emails and what they ask about.

Do I have to have a party? – This is a common one.  Many people have no interest in having a party to order the product.  I always respond that they do not but that depending on the size of the order, I may not be placing it for a while.  If they order enough for a party, then I will submit it right away and give the benefits.  If it is not, then hopefully they are willing to wait for their product.  It’s a win, win situation for you as its bonus money that you do not need to work too hard for and they win as they don’t have to do something they don’t want to.

Do I have certain product?  – I try to keep my inventory list updated.   Then I can simply check it for the product they want and let them know.  Sometimes they want to know what I have in stock in which case I can just send them the list.  Nice and easy!

Catalogue Requests – I don’t get many of these from ads but I get them from my website.  Pretty easy to handle, mail out a catalogue and I tend to put in some other information with it to hopefully catch their interest.  I contact them again later to see if they have any questions.

Joining – Again, not a lot of these come in but I do get the odd one.  I usually reply with a very basic email if they are responding to an ad as sometimes the ads can be a bit vague.  I tell them that this is a home party business, what the commission level is and that there is a quota to stay active and then link to my website.  Quite often, I do not hear from them again as they are looking for a quick get rich type of situation, but if they do contact me again, then I have a FAQ that I have made up and that I send them and I reply to any questions they have.

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