Why Small Orders are Important

When doing direct sales, we tend to focus on getting the big orders and encouraging everyone to spend a lot.  Of course, wouldn’t it be great if that did happen with every person attending?  But do not be discouraged if everyone person does not fill up their order form and spend 100+ dollars, you can still have a great party with smaller orders.

One of my teammates was telling me about the awesome party she just had:

“A few days ago I held a party that had a lot of customers.  Many people placed orders of less than $50.  Several were less than $20.  As of right now, the hostess will be receiving at least $140 in free products and 8 items at half off.  The party is closing at over $700.  I stand to make nearly $200 from one party.

I will admit that I added some outside orders to this party.  $115 worth, to be exact.  But those orders were all smaller ones.  $15 here and $20 there. 

While we think that it takes big orders to get the hostess the best benefits, it really does not matter how they get the sales or the amounts or each order but that they get them. Those 20 dollar orders add up fast as it only takes five of them to get to $100 dollars and you only go up from there when adding up sales.  And honestly, I think most people budget twenty to thirty bucks when they attend a direct sales party.  If they are familiar with the product and love it, chances are they will spend more or will end up booking their own party to reap the hostess benefits and the cycle will start over.  If they aren’t familiar, they will order something small due to feeling obligated or because they want to try the product.  Either way, it is an order for the hostess.


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