5 Ways to Find More Guests for Your Parties

Finding people to host a party in exchange for cash or products is usually pretty simple.  Finding people to attend each party isn’t.  If you’ve built up a dependable group of customers but have trouble finding new folks to sell your stuff to, experiment with different ways to find party guests.  After all, more guests equal more income, right?


Craigslist isn’t just a creepy hangout for predators and scam artists.  Many direct sales experts use this site to advertise upcoming parties and events, post product specials, and link to their website.  Place your ad in the “General” section if you’re worried about getting flagged.


Good old-fashioned flyers never go out of style, so print a few colorful pieces and hand them out around town. Put them on grocery store boards, in the waiting room at your doctor’s office, and at the local laundromat.


Reward current clients for referrals with a fun gift, like a full-sized bottle of moisturizer or an exclusive sample of a new scented candle.  Cash prizes and gift cards also work well, so consider offering them to the person who brings the most party guests to your next event.


You can’t invite more people to your parties if you never meet anybody new.  Attend local networking events in your city, or chat with other business owners online.  Your new Avon friend might know a few people who want to buy your Pampered Chef products.


Social networking is an excellent way to find attendees for your next event, but tread with caution.  Post too often, and people will unsubscribe to your posts.  Post too little, and nobody will even know that you sell Scentsy.  Aim for 3 to 5 posts per week, and make sure you balance them out with other non-sales posts about your life.


It’s easy to fall into a comfortable rut after you’ve been doing direct sales for awhile.  No matter how much you make now, you can always make more.  Find more party guests and watch as your income grows each month.

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