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Don’t groan – I promise you this will not be too bad or painful and it is really for your benefit!

Party Average – Do you know how much your average party is?  If not, I recommend you figure it out as people are going to ask you, especially if you are trying to recruit.  If you are not sure, add up the totals for each party and then divide by how many parites you did.


Party 1 – $450; Party 2 – $600; Party 3 – $200 and Party 4 – $550

Total $1800 in sales divided by 4 = $450 average

Once you know your party average, you can also use it to help you book.

“My average hostess has a party worth $450, and at that level she gets X free and Y at half off!  Not to mention this and that benefit!”  (Note: You may also want to round it up to 475 or 500 to try and increase your average)

Average Order – Same idea as the above, but you are going to figure out how much each person spends.

Party @ $450 in sales – We know that we had 6 people ordering.

$450 divided by 6 = $75 average order

You can also add up all the parties, and then divide that by the amount of orders.

$1800 divided by 30 orders = $60 dollars

Use the higher number and use that when doing your hostess coaching.

“My average party has 6 orders that average $75 each making the party worth $450.  But each buying customer you can get to attend will bring that up allowing you to earn more even more free and discounted!”

I would also recommend you keep track of how many people attend each party so you have an idea what percentage of customers will buy.

For instance, if you have an average of 10 people attending, with 6 ordering and those average orders are $75, then you should have a $450 party.

Do you track your numbers at all?  Do you find it helpful in your business?

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