12 ideas for Theme Parties

12 ideas for Theme Parties

For many people in direct sales, getting bookings can be difficult. This week I am going to focus on different things that you can do in order to get bookings and keep your calendar full.

Here are some ideas to get you going. Customize to fit your product line.

Pool Party – This is great if your hostess has a pool, or you could use a kid’s play pool, sit around it with drinks and do your presentation.

Wine & Cheese – A great theme for a wine party or an event that involves food.

Sports – This could be a party centered around a favorite game or team, or maybe as a way to boycotting the big game. Dress in the colours of your favourite team.

Birthday Party – It doesn’t really have to be anyone’s birthday, but why not pretend?

Ugly X Party – This would be great for a candle party or some home décor party. The person who brings the ugliest something gets a prize or maybe a discount.

Christmas in X Month – A great way to promote the holiday catalogue! Get everyone to dress in red and green.

Chocolate Lovers – Another great theme for a food party, or just an excuse to eat chocolate. Who doesn’t love this idea?

Cooking Class – This is a great idea for anyone who has a business that involves cooking items. You don’t have to teach a complicated recipe, but make sure you use your items to show how much easier they make the process.

Slumber Party – Have everyone come in their pj’s! This works great for any type of party as its something fun and different.

Mystery Hostess – This is a great theme to use when you are hosting your own party. Then you raffle off the hostess gifts.

Lunch Party – This is a great idea to use at the office. Have everyone bring something to share with the group and do a short presentation and take orders.

Budget Party – When doing this type of party, you would only show items that are under a certain price threshold. Of course, the full catalogue would be available for ordering. Each attendee could share their favourite budgeting tip.

Do you have a favourite theme for a party? Let us know about it in the comments!

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