Getting your Business Going Again

Nothing on the books?  No fear, here are some things you can do to get your calendar booked up!

–          Call past hostesses and customers to see if they are interested in seeing a book.  Don’t push the party right away.  Some might say right off the bat, you know, I was getting low on X and Y, and you can suggest having a party where they can get it for free.

–          Spend some time on advertising – I will be doing some articles on this in the near future.

–          Attend trade shows and promote your products.  You may get some sales at the event but focus on the benefits of having a party.  Network with the other vendors as they may be able to pass contacts your way.  I know I have had people ask me if I know someone who sells other types of products.

–          Create your FRANK list and see if there are any places you can get a booking from.  FRANK – Friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbours, kids (or people you know through your kids).

–          Have your own party and invite everyone you know – Offer incentives at it if they book their own party

–          See if you can setup somewhere and show off your wares.  I know here, different direct sales companies can setup at the hospitals for an afternoon.

–          Make sure everyone around you knows what you sell.  You never know when someone will say back to you, “I was just looking for someone who sold that product!”

4 thoughts on “Getting your Business Going Again

  1. Bailey

    Great suggestions. That last one is often how we have found people. We buy candles and Avon stuff from someone we casually discovered sold them and we have been loyal ever since. In fact I think we got hit up for Girl Scout cookies this year, too.

  2. Sharon Post author

    Its a few weeks away as I received some great guest posts about bookings that I will be using next week. And the week after it will be games to help with bookings. Advertising is schedule for the week of April 3. 🙂

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