Providing Customized Customer Service to your Downline

As time moves on, everything continues to evolve.  This is also true of marketing.  One of the trends is the practice of niche-marketing. What this means is that you make a deliberate attempt to narrowly define what your marketing message is so that it speaks powerfully and clearly to those that you are able to work with.  By using this method, you can fine-tune your marketing message and continue to grow your business even in an uncertain economy.

Knowing all this, you can then use a technique called niche-servicing which will help to improve loyalty, retention, revitalize your recruiting efforts and strengthen your team’s moral.  It means to narrowly define the segments that exist in the customer base and to understand, acknowledge and meet the unique needs of each of these segments.

There are four components you can look at so we will do that here so that you can do this within your own business

1)  Define the segments within the distributor base.  Meaning, you do not see your distributors as one group with the same interests, motivation and needs.  Start by pulling various data to get some ideas of where they are:  Ages (under 29, 30 to 45, 46 to 65, and 66 and over).  What other groups can you find in your downline – single people, married people, parents, hobbyists, small town sellers?

2)  Understand their needs. Once you know what segments you are dealing with, you then need to find out what is unique and significant to each group. There are a variety of methods you can employ to do this but the easiest might be online surveys (easy analytics once you have results) or just having a phone conversation.  You could try email or whatever other means of communication you have available.

3)  Acknowledge the specific needs of each group. The first step to incorporating niche-service into your business is to acknowledge these various groups as valued segments.  You could spotlight a different success story each month such as a husband and wife who show a great partnership in both business and life or maybe a single mom who is able to accomplish her dreams. Try and find a way to acknowledge everyone at some point as this can do more for the moral of your team than you may realize.

4)  Find ways to meet the needs of your team groups.  Here is where you are going to do the most work by showing your team that you are willing to go the extra mile to help them.  Maybe you want to tackle techniques that someone working 9-5 and then trying to run a business can use to make better use of her time; maybe you want to talk about how those who are in their 20’s can be taken seriously in the business – chances are you can find a variety of methods that will help out your team.

By taking the time to identify the various niches within your sales team, you can identify where they may need assistance and provide specialized help for them. While it can take some time to figure this out, once you the groups, you can help them improve their business which will help to improve yours.



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