Selling for Charity

I recently had a new person join my team.  But she had a different request – she wanted to sell and donate her proceeds to charity.  Specifically, she wanted to know if she could get her funds directly to her charity’s office instead of coming through her.  

Unfortunately, due to the type of business that direct sales are, I do not think many companies would do that.  It is considered a sole proprietorship and as a result, you are the owner and the person who benefits.  I did advise her that she could potentially have the company direct deposit all funds into the charity’s bank account but that she would have no control in regards to how much money they would get.  She could not split the money between them and her.

Another suggestion I made to her was to wait for her monthly payout and then take those funds and give them to the donation.  This would likely get her a tax slip as well as have proof that she took those funds for donation.  She would have to pay tax from her earnings but with the proof that all funds went to the charity should net out any taxes owing.  The most important thing here is to make sure to keep proper records in case of an audit.

She also wanted to know if she could take her proceeds in product instead of a commission cheque.  Thankfully, this is a little bit easier to enter.  Depending on the computer system, it may show you how much your commission/earnings are on an order before submitting.  If not, you can figure out how much free product you have based on your commission level.  Then just add that much more product to your order until the proceeds are used up.  It may not be quite as easy as that all sounds, depending on your math skills and how quickly you get confused.



2 thoughts on “Selling for Charity

  1. Chrystal

    Couldn’t she set up an automatic bill pay payment out of her bank account? Then she would not have to worry about seeing that money in the bank and worrying about spending it.

  2. Sharon Post author

    Yes, she could. But she wanted the funds to direct deposit to them. Unfortunately, you cannot have direct deposit to go to one place and have withdrawals come from another when it comes to your direct sales company.

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