Other Methods of Direct Sales Income

When it comes to direct sales, the first thing we think of is having a party and getting sales that way.  But in reality, this is not the only method to make sales.  Granted, it is the easiest and quickest method, but there are many other things that you can do.

One on One Consultation – Depending on what your product is, sometimes having a one on one can be a good method to make sales.  While you can do this at a party, it can be rushed and a person may not get the attention they want and desire before making a purchase.  You could even offer people the chance to do this before you close the party if they can do it within a day or two or have them do their own event but it can be a combination of one on one consultations and a group event.

Trade Shows – Another place that I have made sales is at trade shows.   The first thing you need to know is what rules your company has for trade shows.  Some companies have no issue with you selling product off your table but others will not allow it.  That said, you also need to check if you can take orders at the table as that may not be allowed either.  If you can make sales, you can either take inventory you have on stock and sell or you can take your display and set it up.   It is up to you if you allow people to take home times on your table or if you will have to order them in.

Anywhere – Really, you can make sales anywhere.  Do you carry a bag with your companies name on it or a button?  I have heard of people being stopped in line at the coffee shop and people will book an event or place an order.  This may be rarer, but it does happen.

What other places can you think of where you can make a sale and increase your revenues?

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One thought on “Other Methods of Direct Sales Income

  1. Chrystal

    I have a friend who in a very short time has won numerous awards and bonus’s through 31. Every time we have a church fundraiser, she has her products there. Every event I see her at, even if she doesnt have products, shes always got cards on her.

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