Products you don’t want to sell?

This is a tricky question as we are not in control of what we sell when we are in direct sales.  The company dictates the colours, the style, the size and the products that are available for us.

But there are ways that you can work with this and still be successful with your direct sales career.

Depending on how you work your presentation, it is fully possible to avoiding discussing these products.  This is especially true if you focus on a best seller list or your favourite products presentation.   You may still choose to have these items with you at a demonstration but just not discuss them.

I personally have a few items that I do not showcase when I do a party.  But, I still have one or two in my kit with me in case someone asks about them.   That said, I do not necessarily know much about them.  But no one has asked me about these products as of yet in two years.

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