What are the benefits of a sponsor?

The short answer is that no, you do not need a sponsor, but most direct sales companies do not allow you to sign up with the company directly.

Let’s discuss the benefits of a direct sales sponsor before talking about where to find one.

Unless you have been in direct sales, or even sales before, you may need some help and guidance in regards to what to do.  Your sponsor can help with this.  If you get confused, are not sure how to handle a situation, want to see a party, or just need help, your sponsor is there to assist you.    You may want to choose someone who is local to you, or you may click with someone who is further away, the choice is yours.

Not every sponsor is created equal, so it is suggested that you interview your sponsor before you sign up with them to get an idea how they operate.  If you feel that you are going to be contacting them for help, this is likely a good idea.

If you just want the sponsor so you can sign up, and you have no intention of ever contacting them, then you might want to just pick someone.  If this is your preference, when your sponsor contacts you after signing, you can just let them know you prefer to work on your own and you will be in touch if need be.

Now, you have a couple different ways to select a sponsor.

1)      Chances are the website has a method that will allow you to search for demonstrators.  Search for demonstrators, select one, and sign up under them.

2)      Talk to potential sponsors – If you do not know someone in the business, you can search on the website and then contact the people that pop up and decide who you want to sign up with.

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