Do I have to do Home Parties?


While direct sales are based upon home parties, you definitely have other options when it comes to sales. The home party may be the easiest method, but it is not the only method. Here are other ways you can get sales.
• Catalogue parties
• Internet sales
• Open houses

Here are the statistics about where sales are happening, which confirms that the home party is the best method, but you can still do well with other methods.

How/where these sales occur

77.1% involve face-to-face selling.
Of the face-to-face sales:
70.4% take place in the home
3.7% are in a temporary location
2.5% are in the workplace
0.5% are in other locations
22.9% involve remote selling.
Of the remote sales:
11.4% are through the internet
8.8% are by phone
2.7% involve other remote means

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