Help! I have my first party booked but I have no clue what to do now!

The first thing you need to do is calm down, and relax.  🙂

Next, you need to make sure that your hostess knows what to do, as your success is going to be dependent on her as well.  Give her a couple books and order forms so that she is able to collect orders for you from those that cannot attend.  Make sure she knows about tax rates, shipping charges and what forms of payment that you can take as well.

Provide her with a copy of the monthly specials and a list of people to help her determine who to invite.  It may be a good idea to provide her with invitations that she can give out to friends or you may ask her to return a guest list to you so that you can do the invitations.  The advantage to this method is that you know the invites go out, but not all hostesses will be receptive to it.

Make sure you keep in touch with her as you may be dealing with someone who has never had a home party and is not sure what to do with her.  Depending on how far out you have booked it will determine how often you contact her, but definitely a day or two before the party to find out how many are attending.

If your hostess asks you about food, tell her to keep it simple.  A bag of chips and some drinks or some cookies is enough.  Some direct sales consultants choose to bring the snacks to help the hostess, in which case they will only bring a tray of brownies or something else easy.

Have your hostess create her wish list before you come to her party.   Go through the incentives with her so she understands it.  This way she will have an idea what she needs in sales to get it.  If her list is large, she will make sure to invite more people and to make sure they attend.  The rule of thumb is that only a quarter to a third of those invited will come to the party.

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