*****Utilizing your Wonderful Hostess Program*****

Great Booking Script:

Example of a script I love to use at the end of my show after I have created their need:
“ I know all of you ladies are really busy aren’t you? (They will say yes). Me too! I don’t know where the time goes. Let me ask you, what is your favorite department store? Someone yells Hudson’s. “IF I said I had a $100 Gift certificate for a shopping spree to Hudson’s for anyone who wanted it, how many of you would take it? (wait for a response) Now what if you had to find one night in the next 3 weeks to spend it, how many of you could find the time to spend it? (wait for the responses). Now we wouldn’t want your friends to miss the fun, what if you had to find 5-10 of your friends to go with you on this shopping spree, who could make that happen? (wait for a response)

Well Ladies, that in essence is what Company is offering. The Average Hostess has 10 orders and earns $100 or more shopping spree including FREE and discounted merchandise with a qualifying show! And what is really exciting is when you have 3 friends wanting a shopping spree; your shopping spree soars up over $100 more when their show qualifies.

(You can fill them in on the details when they set their date) I’ve got a few shopping sprees with me tonight (show host pack with $100 shopping spree written on them in big red letters) for the first three women that set their date TONIGHT and choose a *Star Hostess date I WILL ADD AN ADDITIONAL $15 FREE to your shopping spree.

Don’t give them too many details about the hostess program. Sell them on the ideas of booking a show. Once they book-hostess coach them with the details. Your goal should be to book a minimum of 3 people within 3 wks at every show. (Watch how fast your calendar will fill up)

(*Star Hostess is where you pick 4 dates in the next 3 wks (I normally make my week nights star hostess nights to free up my weekends) you’d like to work and put stars on them. When a hostess chooses one of those dates, she is a STAR HOSTESS and will receive an additional gift or whatever bonus you’d like to add)

Free Product
Get this (hold up a popular, higher priced item) _____ FREE when you host your very own Shopping Spree this month (or whatever dates you are promoting).

Buying Guest Credit

Here is our Most popular item. This item is regular $62 and when you host your shopping spree with only 10 guests’ orders you can get this for ONLY $21.70.

Hostess Exclusives, Monthly Specials, Booking Bonus
“Here we have the Exclusive Item, which is regular $79 and ONLY OUR HOSTESS can get it tonight for JUST $22 when she qualifies!!! (Go into details about why this item is so great)
This is our Product name, which is regular $24 and ONLY OUR PRIOR HOSTESS can get this when her 3rd qualified booking holds! Guess what she’ll pay for this one? FREE plus she will receive $50 from the catty FREE!!!

Here we have ______________ which is the special for ______(next month or whichever month your trying to promote bookings) and ONLY OUR HOSTESS CAN GET ALL OF THIS FOR ______(price)
(put all these items in a really nice basket so when you show it you can show it as a package for that discounted price)

Judy Garey, aka the Party Plan Booking Queen, trained hundreds of distributors via company conventions and teleconferences in booking parties and hostess coaching. Her ability to book and hold unbelievable amounts of parties led her to being the top sales producer, earned her several trip promotions and invitations to serve on many leadership teams. She continues to serve the industry by providing training on understanding personality styles to increase sales, bookings, and sponsoring. You can find more information at http://www.judygarey.com

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