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Why hostess coach?

  • To help the hostess to be successful
  • To get the hostess all the products she wants for free
  • Make sure that your hostess knows what is expected of her
  • To let the hostess know what you expect from her
  • To make sure the party is a financial success from the consultant’s point of view
  • Let the hostess know she does not have to go overboard with snacks
  • Support your hostess to success
  • Lets your hostess know that the party is still on and allows them to feel comfortable with you

Why do you feel that it is important to coach your hostess before her party?

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Do I have enough time for direct sales?

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One of the best things you can do for your direct sales business is to sit down with your calendar and figure out your schedule.  You can do this to help you make the decision if you have time for a direct sales business and then in the future to keep yourself organized.

  • Mark in your shifts at work if they vary
  • Mark in your partner’s shifts if there are children and someone has to be home with them
  • Mark in anything that you have committed to that cannot be moved. I.e. Sports, events, appointments
  • Mark in anything else you have to remember
  • See what kind of time you have left
  • Do not forget to make sure you have some “me” time so you do not burn out

Keep in mind that you do not only have to do parties when in direct sales to make money.  It is the easiest method but you can do well with catalogue parties or individual sales if you promote them enough.

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Referral Program

If you are having a hard time getting parties, you may want to consider offering some sort of referral program for your customers.

For instance, I offer a program where any customer will get $10 product credit if they refer someone to me who books and holds a party. Each person they refer, they earn $10 and there is no limit to how many times they can do this. What you give your referral is up to you.

Sure, it costs me a little bit of money, but considering I am getting a party when I didn’t have one before, it is well worth the cost.

I got some nice cards printed at Vistaprint that specifically say that they are a referral card and how the program works. There is a spot on the back where the current customer can write their name and then pass it on to their friend. I give every person at my parties 3 cards for them to pass on.

I also let people know that they do not have to hold a party in order for the referral card to work. I recently had someone who used earned the credit by getting her sister to book a party. Win win for both of them!

8 Incentives you can Offer to Increase Bookings

8 Incentives you can Offer to Increase Bookings

Offer the hostess an incentive to get her to book may help you to fill up your calendar.  While you may not want to cut into your earnings, consider that no party means 0 dollars earned.

While the incentive may cost you $10 or $15 depending on what you offer, you should more than make it up by having a party.  You can also make the incentive dependent on sales hitting a certain level so that you know it pays for itself.

Of course, make sure you know what your calendar looks like and only offer incentives for times that you have a hard time booking or that you want to make sure you have a party on.

–          Extra incentive if they book on a weeknight

–          Book a community room somewhere and have multi parties.  Have several hostesses who invite their guests, but no one will have to clean house.  You may want to share the space with other consultants in the same company to keep costs down.

–          Offer your own home to have the party in.

–          Give the hostess something extra if they book another party within a certain time period

–          Offer a referral program

–          Get people to do catalogue parties – give an extra bonus for the hostess gift as these can be difficult to do

–          Do trade shows and promote yourself and your business

–          Have a mini party where you guarantee to be in and out in half the normal time.  Give everyone a free gift or discount if you don’t make it.
What do you find works for you and your business?

What do I need to do when giving a presentation?

Chances are when you signed up with your company there were some training materials provided to help you with your presentation.   This is always a good resource to check out whether you are learning, have taken a break, or just need a refresher.  That said, there are some things that should be included.

–          Who you are and a bit of your history

business women looking in her hempty hand on white

–          History of the company you are with

–          An overview of the products

–          Hostess gift presentation

–          Ordering Information

–          Review of hostess incentives

–          Booking game

These can be in whatever order you prefer to do them in, and you may want to leave out one or two things depending on how comfortable you feel with them.  For instance, you may prefer not to play a booking game.

What does a home party entail?

When it comes to doing a home party, you are in control of what you do and do not do.  That said, there are some things that are rather essential.

–          Presentation – This varies from 10 minutes to an hour depending on what your product is.  Include time for games or other activities in this time.

–          Games – Games are optional but they are something that can be used to increase sales or bookings.

–          Hostess Gift – Typically the consultant gives the hostess a gift for having the party.  This is best done as part of the party to try to encourage others to book to get the same type of gift.

–          Order Taking – Once the presentation is done, you need to take orders.  Let the customers know in the presentation what shipping rates are, approximately how long until they receive their orders, how they will receive their orders, and how they can pay.

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Maybe a book to help you learn PeachTree might be a good idea.


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Direct Sales Target Audience

Do you know who your target is?  I think the majority of those in direct sales would tend to say that their ideal customer is in their late 20’s to early 40’s, female with disposable income.  But is this truly accurate?  My thoughts would be for the majority of companies; it likely is, but what about the direct sales companies which sell products with a different demographic?

Food – Do you think a direct sales company only targets these individuals?  My guess is no.  The food companies are going to target anyone who cooks or maybe those that do not like cooking by telling them that food will be much easier to make with their products.  The products that food companies sell (at least the ones I have bought from) have a lot of products that are under $10 making them affordable from the student right on up to the senior with a limited income.  Some of the other products that they may offer, such as cookware or other home supplies may be more targeted, but I cannot think of too many people that might not like to add some spice to their food.

Clothing – Recently I have heard of some new clothing companies.  I am not sure if they are new to my area or to the direct sales arena in general, but again, their target consumer is likely different. For instance, the one company makes children’s clothing.  Of course, they need to target mom to buy the clothing but if the kid doesn’t like it, nothing mom says will make the kid wear it.  So the true target here is the child as they are brought to the event, they try on the clothes and decisions are made.

Vitamins/Supplements – With our population aging, there are more companies getting on the bandwagon in selling products to the aging market.  As a result, companies that make vitamins or beauty products may be changing their ideal demographic a bit.  They likely are still targeting the main female market but they will be expanding their age groups right up until retirement with vitamins that help you with energy, menopause or other health issues.  Right up there are beauty products that would help with wrinkles or age spots.

While the target audience and the majority of your direct sales target audience, may be the typical one, chances are you likely have some markets you have not considered based on your product mix.  You may have 75% of your product that hits this group but the rest could be marketed elsewhere.  What can you do to reach out to these buyers?


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