I have heard people mention the term “red hot dates”. What are these?

I have heard people mention the term “red hot dates”.  What are these?

A red hot date is a day that you want to have a party.  It is typically a date within the next week or two that you have not booked up and you are willing to give an extra incentive in order for someone to book it.

A great way to do this is to take a copy of a calendar page with you to a party and circle the dates you want in red market.  You can then choose to write in there what the extra benefit is or you can play a game with it and make it a bit of a mystery.

Take this calendar with you to a party, to trade shows or anywhere else you think you could get a booking at.  Do not have more than one or two in a month or else it starts to look bad and that you are desperate.

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