Using Your Upline – They are There for You!

When you are working your direct sales business, there is a good chance at some point you are going to get stuck and you are going to need some help to move on.   When that happens, contact your upline for assistance!

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Your upline wants you to succeed.  Sure, part of it might be due to the fact that they make money when you sell product but chances are, they just want you to be happy and successful with your direct sales business.  That is what it comes down to at the end of the day.  Happiness.  If you are not happy with your direct sales career, you are not going to continue in it and you will not be putting out a good word about your company in general.

So that said, what sort of things can your upline help you with and what can they do?

Offer Advice – One of the biggest things that your upline can do for you is offer you advice.  There is a good chance they have been where you are and they got past it.  Can’t get sales?  Ask them what they recommend.  Have people interested in signing but they never sign on the dotted line?  See what your upline can tell you.

Make Calls – If you are having an issue and you need to deal with head office but cannot get anywhere or do not have the time to call, see if you upline can do it for you.  I have called on behalf of my team several times for a variety of reasons.

Resources – Maybe you are having a hard time figuring out what a product does or how to sell it?  Your upline can guide you through a presentation on a particular product or even an entire party.  Not sure how to fill out an order form or how to sort the party?  No worries, ask them!



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