The Purpose of Direct Sales Scripts

Quite often when you attend training for direct sales, you will hear people talking about scripts. These are pre-written little speeches or ideas to help you with phone calls or other aspects of your business.   If you are not using them, you may be losing out on some good connections and possibly parties and bookings.

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A script is written to guide you when you are in a situation where you are uncomfortable or just not sure what to say.  A great example is one that you use when you are making calls in regards to getting bookings.  A lot of people are nervous when making phone calls and when they get nervous, they hum and haw, forget what they are calling for, and just make a muddle of it. A script will remind you what to say and keep you on track.

Your script does not have to be fancy and it does not have to be written by your upline or someone else to be effective.  It can be something that you write down before you start making your calls.  You determine what your priorities are and how best to say them.  This will get the conversation started and you will be fine beyond that.  If you feel you may get flustered with other details, make a script or notes for them too.

For instance, you are doing some calls for bookings.  So you would write up a script to help you with the call.

“Hi Sue, this is Sharon calling from ABC Company.   We met when Cynthia had her party a few weeks ago.  You had given me your contact information and indicated you were interested in having your own party in a little bit and I just wanted to check in with you.  Have you thought about it any further? “

That is a way to help you start the call and see what happens.  From there, she may say she was interested and ask about the specials this month.  You may have another script prepared for this due to there being so many options or just so you do not forget them.  Put them in point form though so you do not sound like you are reading.

“Sue, we have awesome specials this month for our hostesses.  First of all, any hostess who gets $300 in sales, which is below my party average, gets a Free A for hosting!   Then, when you hit $500, you will get a B for free as well!  Of course, you still get your regular benefits of $40 free product and a half off item at $400 dollars, and 1 item from our hostess only program!  We don’t want your friends feeling left out – they qualify for any C item for free when they spend $40!  Isn’t that great?  Do you have a date in mind?”

Having a script will help your calls go smoother and eventually your phone will no longer weigh 100 pounds.  Calls will be a piece of cake and you will wonder why you were ever scared of them in the first place!


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