What to expect when hosting a Direct Sales party?

Chances are, when you booked your event the consultant gave you some information to look over and to plan your party with.  Or, if you booked a few months out, the consultant is mailing this information to you when the date is closer.

Tupperware home party in Sarasota, Florida

Tupperware home party in Sarasota, Florida (Photo credit: State Library and Archives of Florida)

The next thing that will likely happen is that the consultant will call you closer to in order to make sure that the party is still going to be happening and to go over some details with you.  This will be things like the amount of space that will be available or what is required to setup the display.  A separate space may be required for ordering or maybe she wants to make sure you have gone through the host package.  This is a good time to ask the consultant about any questions that you may want to ask.


You likely will have two or three calls from the consultant in the weeks leading up to your party.  This is simply because the direct sales consultant wants to make sure you have a successful party and that you are able to earn everything on your wish list when you have your party.  Many people do not host these types of events often so they require some guidance and help in order to have a satisfactory event.


The night of your party, the consultant likely will show up before the time you have all your guests arrive.  This gives them a chance to set up the display in a way that pleases them as it is always different in each house.  Then, when guests arrive everything is ready to go and the presentation is able to start.


The direct sales consultant may close your party that night or they may wait a few days depending on your preference.  Do not be surprised if they want to close that night as it benefits everyone instead of waiting a few more days.


Once your product is in, chances are your direct sales consultant will end up sorting it for you and delivering it all sorted out.  If you are not sure, make sure you ask what they do in this regard as not all consultants do this.


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