Creating Your Brand with User Names

Have you ever thought about how the username you set up for yourself talks about you and your brand? I’m not talking about the name you might use within your companies website or any forums they have, but on other sites where your potential customers see you.

Username for a userpage

Username for a userpage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s say you decide to go on a forum to promote your product. First of all, most forums have rules about self promotion but we are going to ignore that for this instance. this example also assumes that it is a forum with all sorts of information and discussion so where you are posting about your business is just a small part of the forum itself and may not actually be seen by that many people.

What type of username should you set up for yourself?

  • Name
  • NameLocation
  • NameProduct
  • ProductLocation

I am going to say that the last one is the one you want to go with or some similar combination. But you need to make sure that whatever you pick is going to be unique enough that you can get it on whatever site you sign up for. This is now going to be a part of your brand.

But, before you decide on something, you may want to check some of the popular social media sites to see if you can get that for your username as well. Even if you have no clue how to use that particular site, or if you even will use it, grab your name before someone else. You may want to consider registering that URL as well as those can be very difficult to get.

Some samples of usernames:

  • AmyCandlesUSA – This username is way too general and likely is already in use.
  • AmyCandlesCO – Not too bad as we know Amy sells Candles and is in Colorado.
  • COCandles – This might be a bit easier to get on the various social media sites.

It is always best to get an ID that you can use everywhere. Even if the site you are using does not allow you post that you are selling something, they may allow you use to a tagline or a signature where you can include your selling information.

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