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What Are Your Goals?

No matter what activity you are involved in – trade show, home party, recruiting session – it’s important to set goals for the event.  Its part of how you evaluate how you did as well as set your goals and plans for the next one. Of course, not every event is going to be the same but it will give you some ideas. You can always adjust your goals.

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Party Goals

You should always have a goal of having enough sales to qualify for a party. If your company calls a party $150, then you should be setting that as your sales goal, at a minimum. Personally, I prefer to set my goal to $200 to $300.   If you know what the average order size is, you know how many people need to be in attendance for that to work.

I always set a goal of booking 1 party and having one person talk to me about the opportunity. It could be from someone who is not in attendance; I have had people tell me a friend is interested and I have left information to be passed along.

Trade Shows

When I attend trade shows, I have a goal of at least 2 party bookings and 1 recruit. I typically have a sales goal which is enough to cover the cost of my table. If I can get the bookings and they hold though, that is a success as the parties should easily cover what my table cost and it should net me future sales in the future due to bookings.

Adjusting Goals

Now, adjusting your goals may not be a good thing unless you are adjusting them up. But do not set them too high or you may end up disappointed.

Party Goals

If you arrive at a party and see 20 attendees, it can be tempting to upgrade your goals to $500.   Unfortunately, that may not work as maybe a lot of the attendees just came to see the new baby the hostess had or her new house.   On the other hand, if only three people show up, you could still get a $500 show as the three attendees need to restock their supplies.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are so unpredictable that I don’t think it is wise to adjust these goals no matter what. A lot of people come out just to see what is going on or to visit a friend who has a display.

Ultimately, what you get out of an event is up to you. If you sit back, and don’t interact, you are not likely to get anything. But if you engage, you should make your goals and more.


7 Tips To Create A Confident Sales Image

Confidence is of paramount importance when it comes to making sales. You not only have to convince people that you’re confident in what you’re saying but also what you’re selling. The best salespeople are able to convince people to buy products that they don’t even particularly like or need, simply by using persuasive powers and personality, whether it’s hard or soft selling. 2102027_blog

If you’re suffering from a lack of confidence or you want to appear more confident in your day to day role in sales, here are 7 simple tips:

  • Look the part: The way you look speaks volumes in sales as research indicates that we as humans form an immediate snap judgement of others within seconds of setting our eyes on them. It’s important to dress professionally and to look smart and clean. Take care to present yourself well, keep your hair and facial hair trimmed and stick to outfits that are appropriate for the scenario; you don’t have to wear a tuxedo every day, but if you have an important meeting, it’s essential to dress appropriately and opt for a smart ensemble.
  • Smile: Smiling enables you to build bridges with others instantly and it can really have a positive impact on the way people perceive you, as well as helping to break the ice and settle any nerves. If you’re not confident with your smile and you feel that it holds you back, it may be worth thinking about having cosmetic dental treatment. Faster, straighter smiles can be achieved through discreet braces, such as Damon Braces. Nowadays, treatment is more affordable than ever before and even an hour in the dental chair can make an amazing difference to your image, as well as your confidence.
  • Be prepared: If you are well-prepared for a presentation, a sales pitch or a meeting, you will feel more confident and less anxious. Take time to go through your presentation, read it aloud and have a think about how you would answer potentially tricky questions.
  • Maintain good posture: Your posture has a significant influence on the way you portray yourself. Keep your back straight and your shoulders back, hold your head high and relax; this will make you look and feel more confident. Avoid slouching or hunching your back and shoulders, as this can make you look disinterested or shy.
  • Talk slowly and assertively: Take your time when going through a presentation or answering questions. Talk slowly and clearly and add intonation and enthusiasm to make what you are saying sound more interesting.
  • Think positively: You can be your own worst enemy when it comes to confidence, so give yourself a break, focus on the positives and do your best; that’s all you can do. If a pitch doesn’t go well, it’s probably not the end of the world and you can learn from the negatives; try not to beat yourself up and set goals to improve on areas that are not quite right in the future.
  • Don’t be afraid to inject some personality: Many people in sales are outgoing, driven and ambitious and you shouldn’t feel afraid to inject personality into the work you do. In many cases, it’s a matter of standing out from the crowd and making people believe in you and what you are selling, so be confident and energetic, think outside the box and believe in yourself