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Learning Resources

While I am trying to help you with the business aspect of direct sales, there are some things I am just not knowledgeable enough about to post about.  So I recommend this other resources for you. – She focuses on how to use Social Media to help your direct sales business.  This means things such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other things.  I have subscribed to her blog for quite a while and get lots of great information.

Deb Bixler – – I don’t follow this site but it keeps coming up in my Google Alerts with lots of great topics. – I am a member here and actually where I found my current company.  Many of the folders are company specific and others are more general.  This is a great resource to use for asking questions and getting answers in a timely manner. – The Direct Selling Woman’s Alliance.  A great source if you are looking for stats or other information in regards to direct selling.

Good Books for Direct Sales

I know there are a lot of people that enjoy having books to help them with their business.   I always recommend looking at the library but I find direct sales books are more specialized, so the libraries do not tend to carry them.

Otherwise, check out these books on Amazon (below are affiliate links)

Karen Phelps is a well known direct sales expert. Great information in this book.

A great book with tips from those that have been highly successful