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Five Ways to Motivate your Team

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If you have built a multilevel marketing sales team, you have probably noticed that their performance increases when they feel more motivated. Here are five good ways to light a fire under your sales team to increase revenue for everyone.

Send motivational letters and emails.

One great way to keep your team motivated is to share stories with them of others in the direct sales business who have been successful. Everyone feels more confident when they see that other regular people who they can identify with can achieve something great.

Encourage some friendly competition.

Offer a gift or bonus to the first team member who reaches a particular goal if you want to foster a sudden growth spurt. If you’re trying to encourage long-term growth, set a date in the future and offer the reward to whoever sells the most by then.

Meet with team members one-on-one.

Make the effort to meet with each of the members of your sales team individually so you can get a feel for their specific strengths and weaknesses. Listen to their concerns and try to get to know them. Some direct contact with the leader can help build a good rapport and increase their desire to be successful for both of you.

Break up your team into smaller groups.

If you have a bigger team, it might be helpful to break the group up into mini-teams so each member has a very close network of support.

Create performance charts.

Compile data from all your team members and create charts to show growth. You may want to do this anonymously if protecting sales figures is important, or attach names so the top earners can feel more rewarded. Most people find that viewing data graphically gives a better feel of the big picture and it can become a sort of “game” to try to make the chart grow.

Five Tips For Talking to Prospects in Person

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When you’re a part of an MLM business, you need PEOPLE to help your business grow. The only way to get these people is to make them as wildly interested in your business as you are. This requires talking to them in the right way. Following are five tips for talking to prospects in person and turning them into successful recruits:

1. Put yourself in the prospects’ shoes. See things the way he, or she does. Consider what you’re hearing about their finances and other important factors that will affect a successful recruit.

2. Identify with the prospects’ interests. Be ready to explain what your prospect will get out of joining your company. This is the bottom line for them. They’re not interested in being sold on a business opportunity.

3. Approach prospects the way YOU would like to be approached. Think back to the person that recruited YOU. He, or she, must have said SOMETHING right or you might have walked away without looking back. Remember that when approaching each new prospect to increase your chances of a successful recruit.

4. Ask the right questions. If you ask enough questions, the prospect will be doing the majority of the conversation. Listen to what he, or she, is saying to you because, in essence, you’re being told HOW to successfully recruit this prospect.

5. Look your prospects in the eyes. Looking them directly in the eyes gives a feeling of confidence and helps you appear sincere and honest about everything you’re saying.

Leadership Ideas: 5 Ideas to Motivate Your Team

You’re a team leader for a reason. Now that you’re in this position, it’s up to you to keep your team feeling excited and motivated about what they’re doing. There will be times when team members hit road blocks. Who do they look to for guidance? You, of course! Following are 5 ideas to keep them motivated:

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1. Get them excited: Nothing motivates more than excitement and it’s up to you to create it. If you’re excited about what you’re doing, the rest of the team will “catch” that excitement. Pull them into your frame of mind.  Offer contests, host training meetings, whatever you think will add that sparkle back into their business.

2. Keep it fun: Nothing’s worse than being miserable in your career. Consider that your team members entered into this arena to build something for themselves. Keeping things fun and active will remind them of why they wanted to do this.

3. Involve your team members: Let them see that their contributions and ideas are valued. Supporting your team members and listening to what they have to say energizes them to keep moving forward.  Ask them to come up with ideas for a team newsletter or why they love their business.  Share this with the others on your team and give them the credit for it.

4. Help out: No one can force another person to do what they need to do to be successful, but you can be a team leader and offer your support. Let them do the work but also let them know you’re interested in what they’re doing. Offer advice and suggestions.  Give them one on one time with you, send them emails with suggestions they can follow, whatever you feel that they need based on talking to them.

5. Don’t hover but be available: Be there to offer guidance and check in from time to time. But remember it’s their business. Let them run it. They’ll let you know if they need you.  It is important to learn when to back off and give them their space.  Sometimes people have things going on in their life where their business is not their first priority.  They will let you know when they are ready to come back.

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Keeping in Touch with Your Direct Sales Team

Even if you do not have time to contact your team on a regular basis through the phone, it’s a good idea to keep in touch in some method.  For me, I like to use a newsletter that I send out to my team monthly.  I aim for the first three days of the month but it does not always happen for a variety of reasons which may or may not be in my control.

When I first started my newsletter, it was three or four pages.  I always included team recognition on Communicationthe first page and then I went into information about what was going on with the company and then into some training information.  But as time went on, I cut down on how much I was doing for a variety of reasons – time was one issue and another was I did not know if anyone was actually getting anything out of them.  Now, I have cut down to just recognition and information about what is going on – probably a page at most, but it contains the most important information in my opinion.

Regardless, my point was that my team hears from me monthly.  This way, they know how to get a hold of me if something pops up and hopefully they at least look to see what is important in the coming month.    I know I have had teammates get a hold of me through the newsletter as they will hit reply so I at least know that it is getting through to them.  Unfortunately, when teammates change their email address I do not necessarily know and I cannot guarantee they get my notes.

I know this is something that a lot of leaders do not do.  I know that I could do more for my team as well but it can be hard to do it day in and day out without feedback.  So if you are a downline, let your upline know you want more information or that what they are sending out is helpful!  And if you are an upline, why aren’t you getting in touch with your downline?

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How much does the person who I signed up with make?

This is a question you will have to figure out based on your company and what the commission schedule is.  The best thing to do is to talk to your upline and ask them what they are making.  This is especially important if you do not understand the schedule yourself or are working on goals or what you need to do to make the income you want.

Commissions can be based on several factors – management level, team size or team sales.

Picking out a Direct Sales Team Name

One fun thing that you can do when you start building your direct sales team is to name the team.  It helps to build some team spirit and can give you a bit of fun in the process.

There are a few ways that you can name your team.  You can just pick the name yourself and be done with it, you can ask your team for suggestions or you can gather suggestions and then do a draw.  Offer a prize to the team member that comes up with the best option in order to help get a few more ideas into the pot and to come up with something great.

A few ideas to consider for your direct sales team names.

  • Something location based may not be a good idea – teams expand and grow.  My team is in Canada and the US so something Canadian would not work for me.
  • Gender Neutral – Most companies have both male and female consultants, so you may not want to pick something that is exclusive to one gender.  This is especially true if you are selling gender neutral items such as food items or vitamins.
  • Generic – Chances are, there are some generic names within your industry that you may want to avoid.  These may include names that include your company name with other common words like “The Awesome Company Team”.  Try to be more creative if you want people to be proud of their team name.
  • Unique – The more unique the team name you select, the more that people will start to remember it and your team as you get it out there.  This can be important when you go to bigger meetings or convention and you want to identify yourself.  Of course, at that point, many teams end up dressing up and doing other crazy things to be noticed.

When it comes to direct sales team names, it is not a requirement to have one.  But it can add a little bit of fun to your business as well as to your downline.  You can come up with a name when you have one recruit or wait until you have twenty – the choice is yours.


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Providing Customized Customer Service to your Downline

As time moves on, everything continues to evolve.  This is also true of marketing.  One of the trends is the practice of niche-marketing. What this means is that you make a deliberate attempt to narrowly define what your marketing message is so that it speaks powerfully and clearly to those that you are able to work with.  By using this method, you can fine-tune your marketing message and continue to grow your business even in an uncertain economy.

Knowing all this, you can then use a technique called niche-servicing which will help to improve loyalty, retention, revitalize your recruiting efforts and strengthen your team’s moral.  It means to narrowly define the segments that exist in the customer base and to understand, acknowledge and meet the unique needs of each of these segments.

There are four components you can look at so we will do that here so that you can do this within your own business

1)  Define the segments within the distributor base.  Meaning, you do not see your distributors as one group with the same interests, motivation and needs.  Start by pulling various data to get some ideas of where they are:  Ages (under 29, 30 to 45, 46 to 65, and 66 and over).  What other groups can you find in your downline – single people, married people, parents, hobbyists, small town sellers?

2)  Understand their needs. Once you know what segments you are dealing with, you then need to find out what is unique and significant to each group. There are a variety of methods you can employ to do this but the easiest might be online surveys (easy analytics once you have results) or just having a phone conversation.  You could try email or whatever other means of communication you have available.

3)  Acknowledge the specific needs of each group. The first step to incorporating niche-service into your business is to acknowledge these various groups as valued segments.  You could spotlight a different success story each month such as a husband and wife who show a great partnership in both business and life or maybe a single mom who is able to accomplish her dreams. Try and find a way to acknowledge everyone at some point as this can do more for the moral of your team than you may realize.

4)  Find ways to meet the needs of your team groups.  Here is where you are going to do the most work by showing your team that you are willing to go the extra mile to help them.  Maybe you want to tackle techniques that someone working 9-5 and then trying to run a business can use to make better use of her time; maybe you want to talk about how those who are in their 20’s can be taken seriously in the business – chances are you can find a variety of methods that will help out your team.

By taking the time to identify the various niches within your sales team, you can identify where they may need assistance and provide specialized help for them. While it can take some time to figure this out, once you the groups, you can help them improve their business which will help to improve yours.



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Hosting a Direct Sales Team Meeting

If you have started building your team, you are probably thinking about hosting team meetings.  This is a great thing to do but you may find you have difficulty getting attendance.  So what can you do to get people out and attending?

Here are some ideas to help you:

Meetings are sometimes held around conference ...

Direct Sales meeting

Have an Agenda – If everyone knows what they are coming for, they are more likely to decide if they need the information or not.

Have a Timetable – One big reason people do not attend is time.  If you can tell them approximately what and when you will be discussing and how long the meeting is, they can make a better decision.

Recognition – Make sure you recognize those who have accomplished something this month.  It could be a new recruit, personal best sales or just having a party.  You may want to use standing recognition or a different method.  Stay tuned this week for more information on team recognition.

Participation – Have others present something at the meeting.  This could be a two minute demonstration or a product or a one on one interaction.

Theme – Keep a theme to the meeting.  For instance, if you plan to discuss the new product, then you may want to keep to the topic of new or the season of the catalogue.

Training – Teach your team something new.  But do not drag it out.  Ideally you want something that can be done in 5 to 10 minutes such as a new game, maybe a different way of presenting a product or how to set up their table.

Topic List – In the interest of keeping the meeting on time, have a paper handy for ideas that come up that are not part of the night’s agenda.  You can ask the person who brought it up to stay after to discuss or it may be something that becomes a topic for another meeting.

If you can keep your meetings interesting, fun and on topic, chances are people will start attending and then encouraging others to attend.

Do you have any other tips for a successful team meeting?

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Do I have to recruit people or build a team?

When it comes to direct sales, one of the components is building a team.  But there are some people that do not want to take part in this for whatever their reason is.  If this is you, that is fine.  There is no requirement that you recruit and build a team.  Some people do not want the responsibility, some do not have the time, and others are just in direct sales for personal discounts so do not have any need for a team.