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Blogging About Your Direct Sales Business

You’ll want to employ every available option to promote your direct sales business, whether you do it online or offline. One of the most effective online ways to promote your business is by blogging about it. This helps you get the word out about your product and what it does as well as present you with new recruiting prospects. Blogging can help your business reach a whole new level.

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Don’t make this a personal blog except when it comes to sharing positive experiences regarding your product or products. Keep to the rules of your company so that you don’t get into trouble. Invite people to comment on your blog with their experiences. Remember to post regularly so people keep coming back.

If you’re selling a product that improves something, you may try making your own video of before and after results when your product was used. This works particularly well with cleaners, makeup and kitchen products. The results can be viewed clearly.

Make a list of your goals for blogging. Consider what your readers will be like. Design your blog with those people in mind. Focus on a single area and build your blog from that.

You can share things with your readers such as specials or new products that will be coming up. A sneak peak can be offered before they’re on the market. Talk about things indirectly related to your business. For example, cooking products lets you blog about recipes you’ve tried using your product. Most of all, blog with your readers in mind.

How a Blog Can Help Grow Your Direct Sales Business

Having a website for your home based business is almost a necessity in today’s high tech, internet-crazy world. Having a website might not be enough, though. Take a look to see how a web log, or “blog”, can help grow your direct sales business as well.

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Many direct sales businesses offer their sales associates a website that links directly back to the parent company’s site. You might even have taken a bold step and chosen to purchase a domain name and created your own business website. Those are both good ideas, but perhaps you should also add a blog to your arsenal of online marketing tools.

You want to use every available option when promoting your direct sales business, whether offline or online. You wouldn’t think of starting a new home business without purchasing business cards. Why would you consider having one without using a blog to help generate leads and possibly recruit new team members?

A blog can be effective for promoting your business. It can also help you meet new prospects, either as customer or as part of your downline. Blogs can also be a creative outlet when you’ve had to deal with the restrictions of some direct sales companies. A blog can truly help your business reach a new level.

Before you jump on the blog bandwagon, however, you need to read and understand your company’s policy about using the internet for marketing. If they do not allow personal internet advertising it would be better to set this idea aside. Use whatever means they allow to do your marketing.

Consider your goals for having a blog and write them down. Know what you want to accomplish with your blog before you write your first sentence. Think about the people that will be reading your blog, usually your prospective customers or downline, then design your blog with them in mind. Find an area to focus on – whether sales, recruiting, or training – and build your blog around that focus area.

Blogging about your direct sales business gives you an outlet to discuss new products and specials that will be coming up, and gives your team members and customers a sneak peak at new items before they are available. Blogs also allow you to share things that may be related to your business but not a direct part of it. For instance, if your products relate to cooking, use your blog to post recipes for your readers to enjoy. Try to remember who your target market is and provide them with things they will find valuable.

It is easy to see why blogging has become so popular. Millions of people use their blog to express themselves every day. Why not take advantage of this tool and use it to help your direct sales business grow? All it takes is a little bit of time and thought, and a desire to offer your customers and team members another outlet to success.

How a Blog can Help Direct Sales

If you’re online, you’ve heard of blogs – you’ve probably even read a couple of them. So you have an idea of what a blog is.

But have you thought about using a blog as a marketing tool in your own business?

It seems too hard


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Let’s look at the usual negatives first as you need to answer these before you can see the value of a blog.

  1. I don’t have any money for marketing
    Blogging costs more time than money – blog software is free and you can have it hosted for free, too (whether that’s the best option we can discuss another time!) All you have to do is write some posts – any other expenses are optional.
  2. What can I write?
    About your products and parties is the simple answer – include stories of people using your products (as intended and in creative ways), testimonials and unusual parties (different times, locations and themes are interesting). Add in company and personal news and things you learn along the way, and your blog is filling up
  3. I’m not good at writing
    You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write a blog so don’t be too hard on yourself. If you really can’t write, get some help with the writing or have your work edited, and start reading up to improve your writing skills
  4. My direct sales company won’t let me
    Make sure you understand the rules properly – you may be able to blog without naming the company for instance – but this point must be considered to stay with any agreements you have signed.

Advantages of blogging

You’re running a business and you want people to know about it, yes? Well, here are some ways that a blog can help you achieve your goals:

  1. You get more exposure to potential customers and recruits – directly through the blog but also for additional traffic to your main website if you have one
  2. It is cheap so you can blog even if you can’t afford much else in the way of marketing
  3. You can show people who you are – if I read your blog and feel friendly about you I am more likely to host a party with you than if I just see your name in a directory.
  4. You get to show off your knowledge of your products so I can trust you to lead me to the right product for my situation
  5. You show you are generous and caring by sharing information so I trust you – this could be really important if I am dubious about direct sales people
  6. You can build relationships with people – answer queries in the comments section, use real life questions and situations as posts, and refer to real people you do business with (you may be surprised at how happy Mary will be if you post a story about her party and the to-die-for chocolate cake she served.)
  7. If you don’t have a website, a blog can be a central place for people to find your contact details (I bet many people would call you back even years later if only they could find your details again), display testimonials and refer any social media efforts towards

Have you used a blog in your business? What rewards did it give you?

Interested in blogging but unsure of where to start? Tash Hughes’ blog contains tips and ideas about blogging, improving writing skills and communicating effectively.


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