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Book Review: Be a Recruiting Superstar

By Mary Christensen

With over 25 years of experience in direct sales, you know that Mary Christensen’s advice comes from the heart and can be trusted.  To be successful in your direct sales business, not only do you have to get bookings and make sales, but you need to grow your business by finding the right people.

When you read this book, you will learn what your recruiting style and how to identify and approach those who will be an asset to your team.  You will learn how to do and say the right things to convert those prospects to your team and overcome any objections people may have.  This book will give you ideas to get them selling so that everyone meets their goals.   With confidence, you will find people who never considered a direct sales business will approach you about joining!

Not only do you get a book full of ideas, but there is advice, worksheets and exercises to help you become a recruiting superstar like you should be.    While some of her ideas may not be for everyone, and although she sometimes comes off a bit preachy, you can take the information and adapt it to better suit your personal situation and style.

I like that she explains how to make phone calls no matter what reason you are calling someone.  It is definitely important to know why you are calling someone instead of fumbling for a reason when they answer the phone.  By stating the reason that you are calling, people see you as genuine, realizing that you are calling for a specific purpose, which helps to build trust.

Overall, I think this is a great book for a person to pick up if they are thinking about building a direct sales team or has started building and needs help going forward.  It can also be great for a refresher or if you are feeling burnt out with your recruiting efforts.  With so much information thrown at us from so many places, it is nice to have one good resource with everything we need.

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